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Résultats de recherche
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Conférence "Natural and human-assisted adaptation of forests to climatic constraints: the relevance of interdisciplinary approaches"

New constraints associated with climatic change threaten tree species all over the world. Loss of productivity, declines and mortality are currently being observed in all types of forest ecosystems. Forest

Séminaire de recherche avec Alexander Kirdyanov et Marina Bryukhanova (Sukachev Institute of Forest, Krasnoyarsk, Russie)

information with the goals to understand the impact of environment on tree growth and forest productivity. A short overview of some recent and current studies will be provided to show

One-year post-doctoral research position in Tree Ecophysiology

drought-induced die-off events. It is well known that biodiversity can promote forest ecosystem productivity. Furthermore, depending on local environmental conditions and species composition, it has been demonstrated that

Soutenance de thèse : "Impact of tree species diversity on water and carbon relations in European forests".

known to support and boost a wide range of forest ecosystem functions and services like productivity and resistance against insect pests and diseases. However, whether tree species diversity also promotes

Focus sur l’action européenne COST « STReESS » 

du bois (Xylogenesis in Perspective — Exploring the relationships between leaf phenology, tree growth and forest productivity). J’interviens également dans un autre groupe qui traite quant à lui de

Soutenance de thèse Landry ROSSDEUTCH

water loss of the vine is necessary to adapt the plant material to maintain the productivity of the vine and wine quality. The adaptation to drought is a complex trait

Du modèle de recherche à l'outil d'aide à la décision

the spread of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) in a beef cattle herd and its impact on herd productivity. Veterinary Research 46:12, DOI 10.1186/s13567-015-0145-8.

Agroécologie : de la diversité dans les prairies pour faire face aux aléas climatiques

Cyrille Violle, Phulippe Barre, Jean-Louis Durand, Marc Ghesquière, Isabelle Litrico. Complementary effects of species and genetic diversity on productivity and stability of sown grasslands, Nature Plants , 30 mars 2015

HDR Nicolas Marron

the environment (pedoclimate and plantation management), as well as their lack of antagonistic relationship with productivity, portends the possibility of selecting genotypes combining the desired properties. About Poplar association with

Projet FARMATCH - Adaptation des systèmes agricoles au changement climatique

Climatic Change, 120,341–355, 2013. M. Sautier, M. Duru, R. Martin-Clouaire. Use of productivity-defined indicators to assess exposure of grassland-based livestock systems to climate change and