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Signature UMA INRA-Cirad. © INRA, Christophe Maître

INRA and CIRAD federate their international relations

On 6 February 2015, François Houllier, President of INRA, and Michel Eddi, President of CIRAD, signed an agreement creating a joint support unit for International Relations (UMA-RI). This novel structure will federate both institutes’ international cooperation actions.

Updated on 02/11/2015
Published on 02/06/2015

UMA International Relations will bear a dual mission: first, carrying out analysis, monitoring and facilitating partnership; second, producing indicators to characterize international actions, mutualizing as much as possible bibliometrics and communication, and hosting foreign VIPs.

A strategic monitoring of major themes and scientific challenges will be developed, according to international instrument (FAO, CGIAR…). New partnership opportunities with foreign institutions could then be identified and current worldwide cooperation will be strengthened (except EU).

This new structure will implement a relationship strategy with partners of various geographical regions. It will embody INRA and CIRAD in the ministerial meetings that set France’s international scientific cooperation (notably the ministries in charge of research, foreign affairs and agriculture).

Scientific visits of foreign partners will also be organized jointly. UMA-RI will be in charge of answering requests from embassies and other French representations abroad. It will manage framework agreements, from the start of projects to their implementation.

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