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Vendredi 25 mai 2018, Philippe Mauguin, PDG de l’Inra, a visité TWB - Toulouse White Biotechnology, structure innovante dont la mission est de contribuer au développement de nouvelles voies de production biologiques durables et TSE-R – Toulouse School of Economics (UT1 Capitole, CNRS, Inra et EHESS).
De gauche à droite, P. Mauguin ; Monique Axelos, directrice scientifique Alimentation et bioéconomie ; Pierre Monsan, directeur de TWB ; Michèle Marin, présidente du centre Inra Occitanie-Toulouse. © Inra, Sandra Fuentes

Through TWB and TSE-R, INRA is confirming its support for development of the French bioeconomy

Philippe Mauguin, President of INRA, recently visited Toulouse, the stronghold of the bioeconomy

Updated on 07/12/2018
Published on 05/25/2018

On Friday 25 May, Philippe Mauguin, President of INRA, visited TWB-Toulouse White Biotechnology – an innovative structure whose mission is to contribute to the developing new methods for sustainable biological production – and TSE-R, the Toulouse School of Economics (UT1 Capitole-CNRS-INRA-EHESS).

INRA is committed to developing the bioeconomy in France

Based on the production of renewable biological resources and their conversion into foods and feeds for humans and animals, biosourced products and bioenergies, the bioeconomy is included in numerous public research policies. INRA has chosen this theme as an important priority for its 2010-2020 orientations. This dynamic has been amplified by funding for projects under the Investments for the Future Programme such as TWB, Institutes of Excellence on both Carbon-free Energies and Biotechnologies and Bioresources, or Carnot Institues such as 3BCAR – Bioenergies, Biobased Molecules and Materials on the valorisation of renewable carbon, which are all focused on developing joint projects by public research and industry.

TWB: committed experts to respond to the challenges of climate change

Under the triple supervision of INRA, INSA and CNRS, the mission of TWB is to address the challenge of climate change. In order to find new pathways for ecologically responsible production, TWB works hand in hand with numerous French and international companies and with the best experts from public research institutions.

A true interface between the academic and industrial worlds, TWB guarantees the most favourable conditions for the success of R&D projects by developing new types of collaboration that are more simple, efficient and creative. On its Toulouse site, 85 people daily contribute their expertise to accelerating the management of public-private research projects and supporting start-ups in the field of industrial biology.

“We are proud to welcome INRA’s President and to present him with the highly positive results achieved by our structure. Since it was set up in 2012, TWB has supported 105 R&D projects (including 45 industrial projects) which have generated income of €21 million. We also play a major role in detecting nuggets for the future by supporting and hosting start-ups on our premises, such as Pili, EnobraQ, MicroPep or BFC, which will contribute to the growth of the French bioeconomy” explains Pierre Monsan, Director and founder of TWB.

About TWB

An expert in the conduct of scientific projects, TWB contributes to the development of new methods for sustainable production by providing innovative and economically efficient biological alternatives. To drive more rapid success of this transition towards ecologically responsible industry, TWB draws strength from collective intelligence by creating new links between research scientists, industry and investors. By favouring useful, pragmatic and innovative research, TWB can respond to a dual challenge: to provide efficient answers to the issue of climate change while creating value for the economy.

Since its creation five years ago, and with its 46 active partners in January 2018 (industry, start-ups, investors, research institutions, regional government bodies, etc.), TWB has contributed to the launch of 105 collaborative research and development projects and to the growth of numerous start-ups which have raised a total of more than €90 million.

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TSE-R, a nugget in the economic sciences

The economics of the environment (impact of climate change) and of markets (consumer behaviour, sustainable food systems) is a field of excellence at the INRA Occitanie-Toulouse Research Centre. The heart of TSE-R, a centre for research and training in economics, is the 130 scientists who work there, including 30 INRA personnel, whose contributions generally concern methodological developments for the evaluation of public policies (taking account of risk, cost-benefit analysis).

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