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March for Science. © March for Science

French institutions back the March for Science

On April 22, the citizens of the world are invited to participate in a massive March for Science.  The initiative was launched by US scientists in response to "new policies [that] threaten to further restrict scientists' ability to carry out research and communicate their findings."

Updated on 03/23/2017
Published on 02/20/2017
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As directors of public research institutions, we uphold the idea that "science is a process, not a product — a tool for discovery that allows us to constantly expand and refine our knowledge of the Universe." We too face the problem of working with restricted budgets, and share the organizers' conviction that "de-funding and hiring freezes in the sciences are against any country's best interests."

For these reasons, we fully support the initiative of this public-spirited march for the sciences.

Jean Chambaz, President of CURIF (Coordination of French Research-Intensive Universities)
Alain Fuchs, President of CNRS
Yves Lévy, CEO of INSERM
Philippe Mauguin, President of INRA
Antoine Petit, Managing Director of INRIA
Daniel Verwaerde, Chairman of the CEA

For further information:
In France, marches are scheduled in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Toulouse and Montpellier.

Press Relations:
INRA News Office (33 (0)1 42 75 91 86)