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Special Reports from INRA News Office are brochures that explore the Institute's current research on a given topic. © INRA

When wine has a thirst for research

Red, white, rosé... sweet, dry, sparkling... since man first sought to master the production and storage of wine, science has played a central role. How does the taste of a wine develop? Where do its aromas come from? By looking at vines, their genomes, varieties, grapes, bacteria or yeasts, INRA scientists are uncovering the secrets of this extraordinarily complex mixture, in order to improve its quality.

"When wine has a thirst for research" is a special report from INRA News Office, on current INRA research on wine.

Updated on 11/14/2013
Published on 11/13/2013
Keywords: wine

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- Tasting as the centre of attention
- It's in the bouquet!
- Wines of every hue
- AOC wines, a family of resemblance
- Spotlight on prices
- Grapes that are good enough to eat
- Innovations from harvest to bottle
- These yeasts that can make good wine
- New winemaking practices
- Climate change: which wines for tomorrow?
- It's trendy!

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