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Christine Cherbut, Deputy Director General for Scientific Affairs, and Jean-François Soussana, Vice President for International Policy © MAITRE Christophe, Inra

International outlook and joint innovation: two INRA nominations strengthen two bold commitments

INRA President Philippe Mauguin has named Christine Cherbut Deputy Director General for Scientific Affairs. She succeeded Olivier Le Gall as of 1 April 2017. Philippe Mauguin also created the position of Vice President for International Policy, to which he has named Jean-François Soussana. In line with Mr Mauguin’s mission and vision, and in the framework of the stated objectives of the 2025 INRA orientation document, Christine Cherbut and Jean-François Soussana will work closely together to develop an ambitious scientific strategy and reinforce the Institute’s partnerships at the national, European and international level.

Updated on 07/28/2017
Published on 04/24/2017
Keywords: nomination

Christine Cherbut, the Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, has, until now, acted as Scientific Director for Food, Nutrition and Bioeconomy at INRA. She also chairs CIRAD’s scientific committee. Three major areas will shape her mandate: providing support for a research policy which balances finalised and fundamental research; accompanying INRA’s digital transformation, from research issues to methods and practices; strengthen INRA’s ties to society to develop a culture of joint innovation. She will carry out her duties by pursuing the application of the priorities of the 2025 INRA orientation document and by ensuring adhesion to the Institute’s demanding and necessary ethics framework. The European and international dimensions of these different areas will be included in the Institute’s policies in collaboration with the Vice President for International Policy.

Jean-François Soussana, Vice President for International Policy, was, until now, INRA’s Scientific Director for the Environment. He assists in the steering of international research projects. He is a recognised specialist in grassland ecology and carbon/nitrogen cycles. He has been a member of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 1998. In the framework of his new mandate, he will formulate INRA’s international strategy around three priority areas: international policy that reinforces scientific priorities and the impact of INRA research, updated tools for European and international cooperation, and strengthened research and expertise capabilities for INRA on global issues.

Over 4,600 INRA scientific publications in 2016, 28% of which are co-published with an EU member state and 33% with a foreign country outside Europe. These publications reflect not only the internationalisation of research but the scientific excellence and the international reputation of the Institute.  “It is essential that we further reinforce our European commitments, our scientific partnerships at the international level, and that we play a major role in the elaboration of research strategies which meet the global challenges of sustainable development in the areas of agriculture, food and the environment,” stated Philippe Mauguin, President of INRA. Christine Cherbut and Jean-François Soussana will work to reinforce INRA’s scientific excellence and the impact of its research.

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