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N° 90
  March 2017  
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Results, Innovations and Transfer
innovative start-up. © Antofénol
Plant extracts from grapevine to preserve fruits and vegetables

The start-up company Antofénol, specialised in developing 100% natural solutions for the preservation of fruits and vegetables, has drawn strength from the skills of UMR IATE regarding the characterisation of plant extracts. This collaboration could lead to it applying for the approval of four active substances, used to protect harvested fruit in the peach-nectarine and citrus sectors.

Le stand INRA au Salon International de l'Agriculture 2015 (21 février - 1er mars). Un Rhizotron est un outil permettant de visualiser l'architecture racinaire d'une plante, ici une légumineuse.. © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand
The management of water stress by the root system of plants

Through their roots, plants can perceive different soil parameters such as water and oxygen content or nutrient levels. In response to variations in these parameters, plants can then adjust their root water uptake. INRA and CNRS, working in collaboration with Syngenta, have revealed a mechanism by which plants adapt to water stress. These findings open new opportunities for selection.

Types of food products tested in the TeRiFiQ project. © INRA, C. Salles
Cutting down on salt, fat and sugar in diets

Cheese, chorizo, dry sausages, muffins, madeleines, custards and pizza sauce: for four years, these foods have been getting a makeover with the INRA-coordinated European project TeRiFiQ. Scientists and industry players have managed to significantly cut back on their salt, sugar and fat content without compromising their nutritional and sensorial qualities or jeopardising consumer acceptability. The final report of the project is now available online on the European Commission’s website:

Partnership arrangement
Olive tree affected by Xylella fastidiosa. © INRA, MA Jacques

A European project to improve the early detection of Xylella fastidiosa and to prevent and control contamination.

Green Protein
GreenProtein [H2020]

Extracting functional proteins from salad industry discards.

Technology platforms
Bank of genomic resources of unique agronomic interest in Europe. © INRA, Hélène BERGES
The CNRGV, a bank of genomic resources of agronomic interest unique in Europe

The National Centre for Plant Genomic Resources offers to the international public and private scientific communities the genomic resources (large fragment DNA libraries) and innovative tools they need to implement ambitious and important breeding research programmes on major agronomic species.

Just published
Handbook of Major Palm Pests: Biology and Management. Editors: Victoria Soroker, Stefano Colazza. John Wiley & Sons Ltd (US). Published Online: 13 January 2017.
Print ISBN: 9781119057451. Online ISBN: 9781119057468

With the contribution of
Didier Rochat, Rachid Hamidi and Brigitte Frérot, Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Paris (Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS, INRA, IRD, Univ. Paris Diderot, Univ. Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne) 
Elizabeth Tabone, Entomology and Mediterranean Forest Experimental Unit. © John Wiley & Sons Ltd (US), John Wiley & Sons Ltd (US)
Handbook of Major Palm Pests: Biology and Management

An essential compendium for anyone working with or studying palm trees.

Practical Tools for Plant and Food Biosecurity - Results from a European Network of Excellence. Gullino, M.L., Stack, J.P., Fletcher, J., Mumford, J. (Eds.). Springer International Publishing. Published : 13/03/2017. 384 pages.
ISBN 978-3-319-46896-9. eBook ISBN978-3-319-46897-6.. © Springer International Publishing, Springer International Publishing
Practical Tools for Plant and Food Biosecurity

Results from a European Network of Excellence

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